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Welcome to the Autism BC Comox Valley Support Group! We are a support group offering family to family support, information about education and service providers. There is no official diagnosis necessary to join our group. If you have a need for support surrounding autism then we are here! We offer peer support to parents/caregivers in a non judgemental confidential atmosphere. 

The Autism BC Comox Valley support group provides support to families in our community who have children/young adults on the autism spectrum. We offer monthly meetings with a community of parents who mentor and share their experiences. Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at the Child Development Association in Courtenay. 

Monthly Meeting Outline - 1st Thursday of every month. 
6:30-7:30 pm Families only - Families are welcome to come connect with other families to mentor, share experiences and discuss topics in a non judgmental and confidential atmosphere. 

7:30-8:30 pm Open meeting - There will be scheduled guest speakers, educational videos or community resources invited to speak during this part of the monthly meetings. Other disability groups or individuals interested are welcome to attend. 

We also host informal weekly coffee groups. Please contact Amanda for details.


  • AUTISM BRACELETS - Pick up your Autism Awareness wristband now! $1.00 each. All proceeds to Autism BC Comox Valley Support Group. To purchase a wristband, visit The Comox Valley Child Development Association
    or Gone Hollywood Video in Comox. 
  • NEXT MONTHLY SUPPORT MEETING - First Thursday of every month at the CVCDA.  Information regarding ongoing
    weekly coffee meetings and any other events will be posted here and on our private Facebook page. Please contact
    Amanda for more information. 



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